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Bad Habits and The Effects On Skin

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Bad habits, we all have them. To have healthy and beautiful looking skin, we have to make sacrifices and put an end to these habits. Here are some bad habits that you need to put a stop too in order to achieve great skin.

1. Sleeping With Makeup On

Just don’t do it! I know sometimes we get home and throw ourselves on the bed and sleep like nobody’s business……BUT doing this can lead to bacterial infections and clogged pores. Residue on the face causes acne so make sure to wash your face every night and in the mornings.

2. Consuming A Lot Of Sugar

If you’re anything like me you love the sweet stuff! I’m the type of girl who NEEDS something sweet after my meals. This however, is not a good habit. When consuming a lot of sugar, collagen is stored in the skin causing it to sag. Substitute sugars with natural sugars such as organic fruits.

3. Wearing Heavy Makeup Everyday

Allow your skin to rest! Heavy makeup on the skin causes acne and clogged pores. Limiting the use of foundation is beneficial to your skin allowing it to breathe.

4. Smoking


If you need another incentive to quit, here’s one! Smoking causes premature aging and wrinkles on the skin. Believe it or not smoking is linked to squamous cell skin cancer. Secondhand smoke can also cause skin to sag and causes wrinkles.

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