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Under Eye Circles

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Let’s talk about dark circles. First of all, they are the worst! Sometimes not even the best concealer can help 

reduce the darkness under our eyes and don’t get me started on the puffiness. Many people blame their dark 

circles on their lack of sleep or working too hard. Although these may be part of the reason, genes play a huge 


Periorbital dark circles occur because of the thin layer of skin below the eyes showing the blood vessels and the 

blood they contain more clearly than anywhere else in the body. Aging also results in dark circles. Older people tend 

to loose elasticity in their skin and it becomes thinner. That is why more elderly people have dark circles regardless of 

the amount of sleep they get.

There are several reasons for dark circles. Another problem that comes with dark circles is puffiness. In younger  

people, the puffiness can be caused by fluid buildup below the eyes due to illness, allergies, or excessive salt 


Our new Dark Circle Eye Cream not only helps with regulate blood flow under the eyes, but it also helps decrease puffiness. It is a one of a kind formula that nourishes the entire eye area we all hate.


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